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Always less than 1% Listing Fee when we help you Sell & Buy!

Sell your home for as low as $2,995* using our commission combo* (CALL for Tier pricing and see below for details*).

It’s your equity…let us save you thousands of dollars!

Commission Combo: (Example) Saves you $9,725 based on a 490k home sale or $11,525 on a 590k home! (our fee vs the typical agents 2.8% listing fee)

*The commission will be $2,995 for any home (Listing of “your” home for sale) under $400,000 plus the standard 2.8% co-op commission to a Buyer’s Agent. The commission for your listed home above $400,000 moves higher in Tiers (but stays below 1%) according to List Price as established at time of signing the Listing Agreement. This establishes the effective Tier to be used prior to entering your listing into the MLS. CALL 303-667-5918 FOR TIER PRICING

*The Commission Combo Discount is only given if you sell using us as your Listing Agent - AND - use us as your Buyers Agent on a home purchase within 12 months. When signing the Listing Contract you will also sign a Buyers Agency at that time.

We are a Full Service Listing Company. Which is to say, even though we discount the commission you pay, we DO NOT diminish our Real Estate services. Your home will be marketed at the highest level in Major Real Estate websites as well as thousands of other syndicated websites. CALL 303-667-5918 FOR OUR MARKETING PLAN!

Professional photographs, professional flyers, agent networking, database blasts, social media ads, digital flyers to thousands of agents and more! This is always our Gold Standard!

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